The "sugar" video is the tip of the iceberg. To help everyone in your family get on the right track, lose weight and avoid toxic foods and drinks, get the Eat Right. Drink Right. Live Right. videos.

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The true test of my videos is simple: do they work?
As you can see here, they do!

“We love the video! My family all watched the video yesterday and did have discussions on sugar and processed foods. My younger daughter prefers fruit to cake, cookies and candy so she understands the impact. Ariana realizes the differences and is really trying to make good healthy choices. I think this video will make a huge impact on anyone that watches it young and old!”
Carol Hartwell, mother of Ariana who appeared in the “How Much Sugar Kids and Teens Eat” video.

“Kennedi and I discuss your project often. It has changed how many scoops of ice cream she gets. I was giving her 3 scoops at one sitting and now I give her one. She has not complained once.”
Leonore Gonzalez, mother of Kennedi Washington who appeared in the “The Best and Worst Snacks” video.

“Annelise has embraced healthier eating habits, along with her sister.”
Cecilio Meijas, father of Annelise who appeared in the “79 Reasons to Eat Healthy” video.

“There's been a lot of discussion around our dinner table since Dominic did the shoot! We no longer have chicken nuggets in our home and had fun as a family researching healthy recipes to make them ourselves. We ALWAYS have kale chips and almond butter in the cabinet now. And my 9 yr old foster daughter refused a cool aid type drink at her visit with her birth mom recently. Huge impact!”
Leslie Serra, mother of Dominic who appeared in “The Best and Worst Snacks” video.

“The Healthy Eating Videos help my daughter Leida to eat more healthy food. Her grandmother cooks for her and her brother every day. Now she knows more different healthy food to ask for than before. Leida has not eaten chicken nuggets since the video. She can't stop watching the video.”
Marie Pierre, mother of Leida who appeared in the “Good and Bad Fast Foods” video.

About Nancy

I am a medical nutritionist with 20 years experience helping over 2,500 kids and their families deal with obesity and related eating disorders. I have two masters degrees in nutrition and health care administration, and I've taught classes for the American Heart Association. I was the driving force behind the development of the School Nutrition Awareness Council.

What I see every day in my practice is tragic. Kids destined for a life of obesity, by no fault of their own. But I also know it's preventable. And reversible.

I wish I could work with every child to help them eat healthy and lose weight, and prevent those not yet heavy from gaining weight. But obviously that's impossible. So I'm doing the next best thing.

I'm taking everyting I know about helping kids and their families eat healthy, and creating a series of short and impactful videos for kids and teens. I know what works. I know how to educate, motivate and empower kids to make the right eating and drinking choices.

"Eat Right. Drink Right. Live Right" are life-changing videos for your entire family. The best thing you can do as a parent is to help your kids on the right track, and avoid being obese and unhealthy for their entire lives.

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